What was with that pomf there, Valier?

Valier: Wh-what about it-? Morning Star just startled me, is all-! Like when he took his hair down all of a sudden. Totally uh, startling. Yep! Made my wings pomf out in startle-ment!

(( Wait, what if… mtf Glory? ))

isnt glory a ftm? cuz the figurine description says he is male.

(( I’m guessing this is from a G.4 figure because this is the first time I’ve heard of this? I based Morning Star’s parents off of G.1 Glory and Moondancer, specifically their G.1 Wedding Prance figurine… though now that you mention that, I might consider making this part of their canon in the blog? Maybe something that occurred after Morning Star had grown so he wouldn’t have known, since he still referred to them both as his ‘mothers’… Curious to hear what my followers might think of this? ))

Valier: What was it used for-?

Morning Star: I’ll explain later, not important-now then back to why we’re here in the first place.

Wait. He found forbidden knowledge? Isn't that stuff forbidden for a reason? What did it do to him besides cause insanity?

Morning Star: Well the ability to call upon meteors, control ponies to perform necromancy, not to mention he somehow managed to curse me and turn me into a changeling. I would say that knowledge he gained was forbidden for good reason indeed, besides causing him to lose his mind…

Morning Star: Well… in any case, this is a good topic to move on to. Midnight can and will use illusions and trickery against us… which is exactly why you’ll be a key in recognizing them, Valier.

Valier: Me-? But I’m just a pegasus, I don’t have magic like that-do I?


Anons who send their asks with a tagged-on description of their OCs is the bane of my existence…

Seriously if you want interactions with my askblogs, MAKE A BLOG FOR YOUR OC

Doesn’t have to be a main blog, sideblogs are fine since I take fanmail asks too

Can’t draw? Make your OC in pony maker and stick it on their own blog, I don’t care it’s better than stuff like this:


Not that I mind anon asks, but the point of them is kind of to be anonymous and trying to force an OC through anon isn’t going to work for me at all.

(( Reblogging from my mod blog, but yeah this is a HUGE pet-peeve for me. I was looking through old asks and must have run across like three or four asks like this. Please, PLEASE don’t do this. It just defeats the purpose of anon asks, and doesn’t give me any idea of your character whatsoever and seems like a cheap way to get your OC drawn for free. Set up an askblog to send in-character asks, don’t use anon. ))

Morning Star: He must have lost his mind then and there… shortly after he attempted to show his new abilities off to Celestia, but… that didn’t go so well… spurned by her reaction he sought to take all of Equestria from her to rule as his own. We know well by now though how that went…

A New tabler ? Mmmm, Show us which is
(mod) what happened to this blog?

(( No doubt an old ask, but the answer is simple. My muse and interest shifted from ponies to other things for one, and for another I found myself neck-deep in commissions and a broken tablet. My focus is shifting back to ponies again however so I might get to some updates, I’m still finishing up said commissions however, but I do have a new not-broken tablet. If any followers have interests outside of MLP btw, feel free to bug me about em through my mod blog ))